Leaflet Dispensers Free Standing

LsF2: 2m printed panel leaflet stands in aluminium frame 

Information / Literature Stands:

  • Single or double-sided signs on floor standing displays
  • Approximately 2m tall
  • Dispensers for brochures and leaflets
  • We can position the dispensers wherever you like or supply separately ready for you to attach

Product Code LSF2-500-1950-A5P4-S
Price (excl. VAT) £306.55

Leaflet Size
Number of dispensers
Panel height
Panel width

Printed Panel Leaflet Stands: Product Selection

PLEASE USE THE DROP-DOWN BOXES ABOVE to view the drawing and price of the display you require (e.g by altering the 'Leaflet Size'):

PLEASE ENQUIRE if the combination you are looking for is shown as not available.

Printed Panel Leaflet Stands: Components

Kits are easy to assemble and consist of:

  • Single oval weighted base (steel, powder-coated in silver-grey)
  • Aluminium posts, 50mm diameter (satin anodised finish)
  • Aluminium cross-bar or bars, 32mm high
  • 5mm foam board panels printed either single or double-sided,
    that slot into the frame (note 5mm all around the panel is not visible)

Please read our ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS before ordering and PLEASE ASK if you need some help with your artwork!

If you are planning your own layout, with leaflet dispensers included, our GUIDE TO LEAFLET DISPENSER SPACINGS may help!

Leaflets incorporated into the information stands can be any standard sizes
(not all options are shown above, PLEASE ASK if you have a specific requirement):

  • Third A4 portrait (or DL)
  • A5 portrait or landscape
  • A4 portrait or landscape
  • A6 portrait or landscape (postcards)
  • Business card holders
  • Mixed sizes of dispensers

 We can even make bespoke sizes if you need them.

Printed Panel Leaflet Stands: Variations

PLEASE ENQUIRE for combinations not listed, or for variations on this display, which can include:

  • Stands with panels in bespoke sizes
  • A mix of different sizes of leaflet dispensers
  • Wider stands
  • Stands with bespoke sizes of dispensers

Further details can be found in the installation guide.