Leaflet Dispensers Suspended

LS1A: Leaflet dispensers and poster holders suspended on wires 

Suspended Leaflet Dispensers:

  • Literature or brochure holders and poster holders suspended on tensioned wires (cables) fixed between floor and ceiling
  • Poster holders are double-sided
  • Standard leaflet holders are single sided, although double-sided versions are available

Product Code LS1A-A1P-TA4P-5-1D
Price (excl. VAT) £79.60

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Suspended Leaflet Dispensers: Product Selection

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PLEASE ENQUIRE if the combination you are looking for is not available.

Suspended Leaflet Dispensers: Main Features

Suspended or hanging leaflet dispenser displays:

  • Ideal for use in windows
  • Standard kits suspended from the ceiling and anchored to the floor
  • Poster holder above

'Clamp on' leaflet dispensers:

  • Clear acrylic panels fitted with one or more leaflet dispensers
  • Dispensers to standard sizes of leaflets (A4, A5 and A6 (postcard), portrait and landscape and third A4P (DL) portrait)
  • Single sided (please enquire for double-sided displays)
  • Made in sizes to suit use under standard sizes of poster holders (A1, A2, A3 and A4, portrait and landscape)
  • Known as brochure holders, self service dispensers, leaflet holders etc

Kits include leaflet dispensers, clamps and wires with fixings, and also poster holders.

Full details of dimensions and spacings can be found in the installation guide.

Suspended Leaflet Dispensers: Variations

PLEASE ENQUIRE if you need a bespoke version of this display.
Shop Display Systems provide variations including:

  • Bespoke leaflet dispenser or poster sizes
  • Panels with mixed sizes of leaflet dispensers 
  • Wires of a longer length
  • Wires suspended between ceiling and wall, or wall and floor
  • Displays on wires fixed to the wall at both ends