Poster Holders Wall Mounted

PW2: Wall fix hook on poster holders on stainless steel bars 

Multi poster wall display:

  • Easy updating of posters
  • Hook holders over wall fixed stainless steel bars
  • Clear acrylic hook over poster holders
  • Choices to fit standard poster sizes A3, A4 and A5
  • Special sizes can be made to order

Product Code PW2-A4P-4A1D
Price (excl. VAT) £31.80

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Wall Fix Hook On Poster Holders: Product Selection

PLEASE USE THE DROP-DOWN BOXES ABOVE to view the drawing and price of the display you require, such as those below, by altering the 'number across', 'number down' and 'poster size':

Nine A3P hook over poster holders on wall barswall display with 4x A3 landscape hook over poster holders24x A5 portrait hook over poster holders on wall barsSuspended hook over poster displaysHook over wall display - ladder range

Wall Fix Hook On Poster Holders: Uses

A versatile and cost effective multi poster wall display. Use as:

  • A way to advertise products or services (popular as an Estate Agent Wall Display, for example)
  • A staff board
  • A way to display certificates
  • A notice board

Wall Fix Hook On Poster Holders: Components

Removable holders hook on to stainless steel bars to display posters and detail cards on walls.

Kits consist of:

  • Acrylic hook over poster holders (see below)
  • Stainless steel bars
    bars [rods] are in 6mm diameter stainless steel
  • Fixings to hold the bars to the wall
    These are two-part holders. They are 20mm diameter and nickel-plated.  
    They hold the bars 10mm away from the wall

Fixing instructions and the allen key required for fixing are also supplied.

No screws are supplied, as the screw chosen needs to be appropriate for the material that the display is to be attached to. Different screw types are required for timber, plasterboard, brick etc.

Full details of dimensions and spacings can be found in the installation guide.

Fixings for 6mm stainless steel wall barshook over poster holder

Individual hook over holders are available separately as spares or replacements.

Hook Over Poster Holders

Poster holders are made from clear acrylic. Posters are easy to change, sliding easily in between the folds of the acrylic.

Changing posters is made even easier by the virtue of being able to unhook the holder from the display.

Repositioning the holders will give the appearance of a new and updated display, even if the posters are not changed at all!

Displays with mixed sizes are available if you ask. Some sizes mix and match particularly well:

  • 1 x A3 landscape takes up the space of 2 x A4 portrait
  • 1 x A4 landscape takes up the space of 2 x A5 portrait

Individual hook over holders are available separately - see the link from the picture above.

Wall Fix Hook On Poster Holders: Variations

Shop Display Systems can provide variations including:

  • Bespoke sizes of poster holders
  • Bars of a longer length
  • Bars held further away from the wall
  • Hook-over displays using 10mm stainless steel bars
  • Poster holders in PETG - a tougher material than acrylic with a slight grey tint - useful where the holders may be treated roughly or where posters are changed on a very frequent basis

PLEASE ENQUIRE if you need a bespoke version of this display.